SB impianti can manufacture full cooling tunnels for turkey processing, with various technological features to meet the most diverse requirements and match the highly automated applications found in chicken processing.


There are two main types of cooling systems – with cold water or air. A recent addition is an air-water combined system. As a general rule, birds to be frozen are water-chilled, whereas birds to be sold fresh are air-chilled.

Water Cooling

Water cooling is performed by means of spin chillers. These chillers are mostly connected in series, in order to decrease contamination hazard by having a dirty tank and a clean one.

Air Cooling

The cooling design involves moving the product around in a chamber where a cold air flow circulates. Air cooling is generally preferable for fresh product, rather than air cooling.

Air-water combined cooling

A few systems have lately been developed, which combine air and water to obtain a prime quality product constantly ensuring high shelf-life and quality standards, so that it can be processed and sold as fresh product.

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