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SB Impianti specializes in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of complete turkey plucking systems. Though falling within the SME market segment, the role of the Company on the global market may be considered as unique and crucial to set the course for innovation in its sector. After focusing on efficiency in plucking operations, reaching an excellent precision standard which was unsurpassable for its competitors, over time SB Impianti has turned to the development and improvement of all the features linked to machine control and safety requirements, such as sanitizing, cleaning and maintenance.



SB Impianti relies on an extended, efficient network of agencies, especially in France and the United States, to provide maintenance and after-sales service. Our target is to branch out our network to other countries and continents. The excellence we attained in the turkey processing sector has resulted in close cooperation with several partners over time.

Our cooperation with international partners has contributed to our huge development in the design and marketing scope, which SB Impianti is always eager to draw upon.

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