Since 1967 SB Impianti, at that time named “Stizioli e Benaglio”, has been designing, developing and manufacturing a range of leading edge products for the food processing industry.

The requirements of the food industry changed rapidly during the course of the last 40 years. S.B. Impianti developed a close collaboration with all it’s customer taking care of their challenges and considerations.

The poultry processing in Italy have always been focused on high grade fresh product, extra factors and criteria have had to be taken into consideration when looking at the production processes involved.

These days, the welfare of all livestock and the extremely high hygiene requirements of the slaughtering process are of paramount importance and S.B. Impianti is able to offer a process concept taking care of all these aspects.

The strict cooperation with international partner put S.B. IMPIANTI in the position to offer turn key projects for single processing plant & complete integrations.

The long time experience and wide know-how carried by our team allowed S.B. IMPIANTI to achieve the highest quality and production standards.

  • Chickens slaughtering establishment from 200 birds x hour to 12.000 birds x hour
  • Turkeys slaughtering establishment from 200 birds x hour to 3.800 birds x hour
  • Ducks slaughtering establishment from 200 birds x hour to 6.000 birds x hour
  • Rabbits slaughtering establishment from 200 rabbits x hour to 2.000 rabbits x hour

In addition to Italy, the main markets where S.B. IMPIANTI normally operates include: Europe in general, North Africa, North America, South America & Russia.




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