Following the plucking process, evisceration is carried out either manually (small capacity) or automatically (medium-large capacity).
Evisceration is a critical stage of the production process, when birds undergo veterinary controls to determine whether the product is fit or unfit for human consumption.
Each individual procedure is carried out in such a way as to avoid bacterial contamination which would inevitably lead to spoiling of the meat.
The process sequence is as follows:
– vent opening (without cutting intestine)
– abdominal opening (allows access for removal of intestines)
– removal of intestines
– separation of heart and liver from intestines (veterinary control)
– separation of stomach from intestines
– crop removal
– neck removal
– internal and external washing
– internal suctioning for removal of lungs and waste water
All these stages can be carried out manually or completely automatically, and in some cases in a different order to that shown.